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The Smos Web Server

Documentation for the Smos Web Server, for hosting your own Smos in the browser

You can set up your own Smos Web Server to host your own web interface for smos.



The web server front-end is written in Purescript, so you will need to have a few tools set up. The easiest way to get set up is using nix-shell to get yarn, nodejs, purs and spago:

$ nix-shell
nix-shell $ yarn bundle


stack install autoexporter
stack install smos-server


To run the server, run the following command:

$ smos-web-server serve



Usage: smos-web-server COMMAND [--config-file FILEPATH]
  Smos Web Server version 0.1.1

Available options:
  -h,--help                Show this help text
  --config-file FILEPATH   The config file

Available commands:
  serve                    Serve as the web server


Available environment variables:

  API_URL                The url for the api to use
  CONFIG_FILE            The config file
  DATA_DIR               The directory to store workflows
                         during editing
  DOCS_URL               The url to the docs site to refer to
                         The Google analytics tracking
                         The Google search console
                         verification code
  LOG_LEVEL              The minimal severity of log
  PORT                   The port to serve web requests on


# Configuration
log-level: # optional
  # The minimal severity for log messages
port: # optional
  # The port on which to serve web requests
docs-url: # optional
  # The url for the documentation site to refer to
api-url: # optional
  # The url for the api to use
data-dir: # optional
  # The directory to store workflows during editing
google-analytics-tracking: # optional
  # The google analytics tracking code
google-search-console-verification: # optional
  # The google search console verification code