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Waiting report

Documentation about the smos-query waiting command, for a report of what you are waiting for sorted by how long you have been waiting for it

The waiting report shows you all of the entries that you are waiting for input from others for.

There is a default threshold of 7 days for what "too long" means in "you have been waiting for too long, better go ping them". You can change this default via configuration, and you can use the waiting_threshold property to override it on a per-entry basis.



Usage: smos-query waiting [FILTER] [--hide-archived | (-a|--show-archived)] 
                          [--threshold TIME]

  Print the "WAITING" tasks

Available options:
  FILTER                   A filter to filter entries by
  --hide-archived          ignore archived files.
  -a,--show-archived       Don't ignore archived files.
  --threshold TIME         The threshold at which to color waiting entries red
  -h,--help                Show this help text

Global options:
  --config-file FILE_PATH  The config file to use
  --workflow-dir DIRECTORY_PATH
                           The workflow directory to use
  --archive-dir DIRECTORY_PATH
                           The archive directory to use
  --projects-dir DIRECTORY_PATH
                           The projects directory to use
  --archived-projects-dir DIRECTORY_PATHPATH
                           The archived projects directory to use


This command does not use any extra environment variables.


# Configuration
waiting: # optional
  # WaitingReportConfiguration
  threshold: # optional
    # waiting report threshold to consider waiting entries 'overdue'
    # or null
    def: Time
    # any of
    [ # Time string, for example:
      #  2s
      #  2 seconds
      #  3m
      #  3 minutes
      #  4h
      #  4 hours
      #  5d
      #  5 days
      #  6w
      #  6 weeks
      #  7mo
      #  7 months
      #  8y
      #  8 years
    , # Interpreted as a number of days
      <number> # between 0 and 18446744073709551615