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How to contribute to the Smos Documentation Site

Setting up a feedback loop

To contribute to the documentation site, use feedback:

$ nix develop
nix $ feedback docs

Contributing casts

Contributing an screencast to the documentation site involves writing an autorecorder cast specification. This ensures that the casts are always showing the current version of the tools that they show off.

  1. Locate the cast spec files in smos-docs-site/content/casts.

  2. Copy the example cast: example.yaml to create your new mycast.yaml specification.

  3. Make the changes that you want.

  4. Try out your cast using autorecorder record mycast.yaml mycast.cast.

  5. Use your cast in the documentation site by embedding it like this:

    <div id="cast"></div>
    <script src=/assets/asciinema-player.js></script>
      AsciinemaPlayer.create('/casts/mycast.cast', document.getElementById('cast'), {
        autoPlay: true,
        preload: true,
        loop: true,