A comprehensive self-management system

Agenda report

This report shows timestamps for entries that are not market as done yet.

Arguments reference

Usage: smos-query agenda [FILTER] ([--historical] | [--future]) ([--day-block] |
                         [--week-block] | [--month-block] | [--year-block] |
                         [--one-block]) ([--hide-archived] |
  Print the agenda

Available options:
  FILTER                   A filter to filter entries by
  --day-block              blocks of one day
  --week-block             blocks of one week
  --month-block            blocks of one month
  --year-block             blocks of one year
  --one-block              a single block
  --hide-archived          ignore archived files.
  -a,--show-archived       Don't ignore archived files.
  -h,--help                Show this help text