A comprehensive self-management system

The Smos Server

You can set up your own Smos server to host your own syncing.

A community sync-server has been set up at in case do not want to do that

To run the server, run the following command:

$ smos-server serve

Arguments reference

Usage: smos-server COMMAND [--config-file FILEPATH]

Available options:
  -h,--help                Show this help text
  --config-file FILEPATH   The config file to use

Available commands:
  serve                    Serve as the sync server

# Configuration
log-level: # optional
  # The minimal severity for log messages
uuid-file: # optional
  # The file in which to store the server uuid
database-file: # optional
  # The file in which to store the database
port: # optional
  # The port on which to serve api requests