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Exporting your smos archive

Documentation for the export command of the Smos Archiving tool, for exporting your archive to cold storage.

When your archive directory becomes too big, this can get in the way of things like running smos-query commands quickly, and small periodic backups. The smos-archive export command lets you export (pieces of) your archive to an external directory for cold storage.

Example usage:

smos-archive export /path/to/export/dir --last-year --also-delete-originals



Usage: smos-archive export FILEPATH [FILTER] 
                           [[--begin LOCAL_TIME] [--end LOCAL_TIME] | 
                             --yesterday | --today | --tomorrow | --last-week | 
                             --this-week | --next-week | --last-month | 
                             --this-month | --next-month | --last-year | 
                             --this-year | --next-year | --all-time] 
  Export (a portion of) an archive

Available options:
  FILEPATH                 The directory to export the archive to
  FILTER                   A filter to smos files by
  --begin LOCAL_TIME       start time (inclusive)
  --end LOCAL_TIME         end time (inclusive)
  --yesterday              yesterday
  --today                  today
  --tomorrow               tomorrow
  --last-week              last week
  --this-week              this week
  --next-week              next week
  --last-month             last month
  --this-month             this month
  --next-month             next month
  --last-year              last year
  --this-year              this year
  --next-year              next year
  --all-time               all time
  --also-delete-originals  Also delete the originals from the archive
  -h,--help                Show this help text


This command does not use any extra environment variables.


This command admits no extra configuration.