A comprehensive self-management system

Stats Report

The stats report shows you an overview of some nice statistics about your workflow.

Arguments reference

Usage: smos-query stats ([--begin LOCALTIME] [--end LOCALTIME] | [--today] |
                        [--yesterday] | [--this-week] | [--last-week] |
                        [--this-month] | [--last-month] | [--this-year] |
                        [--last-year] | [--all-time])
  Print the stats actions and warn if a file does not have one.

Available options:
  --begin LOCALTIME        start time (inclusive)
  --end LOCALTIME          end tiem (inclusive)
  --today                  today
  --yesterday              yesterday
  --this-week              this week
  --last-week              last week
  --this-month             this month
  --last-month             last month
  --this-year              this year
  --last-year              last year
  --all-time               all time
  -h,--help                Show this help text