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The Smos Archiving Tool

Documentation for the Smos Archiving tool, for getting smos files out of your way when you are done with them

You can archive files that you are done with. This way it can still be considered for reports using smos-query, but it is not in the way when looking at the rest of your files.

To archive a file, run smos-archive <file> and it will be moved to the archive dir. Any non-done entries will also be marked as CANCELLED.



Usage: smos-archive [--config-file FILEPATH] FILEPATH [--workflow-dir FILEPATH] 
                    [--archive-dir FILEPATH] [--projects-dir FILEPATH] 
                    [--archived-projects-dir FILEPATH]
  Smos Archive Tool version: 0.2.1
  Current Smos data format version: 1.0.0
  Oldest parseable Smos data format version: 0.0.0
  Newest parseable Smos data format version: 1.0.0

Available options:
  -h,--help                Show this help text
  --config-file FILEPATH   The config file to use
  FILEPATH                 The file to archive
  --workflow-dir FILEPATH  The workflow directory to use
  --archive-dir FILEPATH   The archive directory to use
  --projects-dir FILEPATH  The projects directory to use
  --archived-projects-dir FILEPATH
                           The archived projects directory to use


Available environment variables:

                         Archived projects directory
                         Archive directory
                         Workflow directory
                         Projects directory
                         Workflow directory


# DirectoryConfiguration
workflow-dir: # optional
  # or <null>
  # The workflow directory
archive-dir: # optional
  # or <null>
  # The archive directory
projects-dir: # optional
  # or <null>
  # The projects directory
archived-projects-dir: # optional
  # or <null>
  # The archived projects directory