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Documentation about the different ways to customise your usage of Smos

Smos can be configured very flexibly, via flags, environment variables and configuration files. For a complete overview, you see the reference documentation.

For example, to configure a different workflow directory than the default ~/workflow, you can use the command-line flag --workflow-dir or the environment variable SMOS_WORKFLOW_DIR, or you can use a configuration file.

The default configuration files are (in the order that they are tried):

  • $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/smos/config.yaml
  • $HOME/.smos/config.yaml
  • $HOME/.smos.yaml

For example, to change the workflow directory, you can this YAML config:

workflow-dir: "/home/user/different-workflow"

You can also reconfigure the keybindings using, for example:

workflow-dir: "/home/user/different-workflow"
  reset: false
      - action: subtreeUnsetTodoState
        key: T<space>
      - action: forestToggleCollapseRecursively
        key: <tab>
      - action: forestToggleCollapse
        key: M-<tab>
      - action: headerMoveToStart
        key: <PageUp>
      - action: headerMoveToEnd
        key: <PageDown>

Smos can also be configured directly in Haskell. If you are looking to do that, please see the respective guide