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Changelog for release 2023-09-12

The changelog for the 2023-09-12 release of all of the Smos tools and libraries


  • smos: pp for setting the phone_number property.
  • smos-jobhunt: Made the waiting threshold configurable.
  • smos-calendar-import: Now records whether you should be considered busy during an event in the busy property.
  • smos-query: The free command: For showing when you may be available.
  • smos-query: The tags command got a --show-archive flag.
  • smos: The AFTER timestamp: Don't show next actions if now is before the AFTER timestamp. Don't show deadlines if now is before the AFTER timestamp.
  • smos-server: Booking API: Users can now activate booking and be booked.
  • smos-web-server: Booking UI: Users can now activate booking and be booked.
  • smos-api and smos-client: An endpoint for deleting smos files.
  • smos-query: The ongoing command: For showing entries that are happening now.


  • smos-jobhunt: Fix that the url wasn't being filled in.
  • smos: Fixed that the email property was not coloured.
  • smos-jobhunt: Fixed that the sender didn't receive a copy of the email.
  • smos-jobhunt: Made the default waiting threshold 3 weeks.
  • smos-query: The tags command now hides the archive by default.
  • smos-query: Sped up the work report generation slightly by using difference lists.
  • smos-calendar-import: Updated the ical depnedency. This should speed up parsing of large calendars. It should also allow importing from ICloud where previously that was not possible because ICloud outputs invalid iCalendar files.
  • smos-query: Don't consider entries with the property busy: false in the "next begin" part of the work report.
  • smos-api: Bumped the API version to 0.4 with the addition of the booking API endpoints.
  • All packages: Upgraded to LTS 20.23 and nixpkgs branch nixos-23.05.
  • smos-web-server: Empty directories are now deleted in the web editor.
  • smos-notify: The notification now shows the filename of the entry that the notification is about.
  • smos: Fixed a bug where the cursor would sometimes become invisible in the work report.
  • smos-query: Added an ongoing section to the work report.
  • smos: Added an ongoing section to the interactive work report.
  • smos and smos-query: Fixed a bug that caused files in the top-level of the archive directory to still show up in reports that were meant to hide the archive.