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Changelog for release 2023-03-23

The changelog for the 2023-03-23 release of all of the Smos tools and libraries


  • smos-jobhunt: A new tool to help with application processes.
  • smos-cli: A library for making smos CLIs.
  • smos-directory and smos-directory-gen: Libraries for all the configuration related to smos directories.


  • smos-github: Fixed that the smos-github config was not included in the config file generated in the home manager module.
  • smos-calendar-import: Refactored most of the smos-calendar-import logic into a separate ical library. This means that:
    1. Calendar imports should be more accurate now; in particular around timezone changes.
    2. Smos can now more gracefully handle services outputting invalid .ics files. Indeed, Google, Apple, and Microsoft all sometimes spit out invalid .ics files.
    3. Importing the calendar is sped up by a lot, because that library computes recurrence and timezone resolution more efficiently.
  • smos-report: Sped up timestamp calculations by computing an Interval from a Period ahead of time.
  • smos-query: Refactored smos-report's handling of periods so that it no longer calculates periods at the end or beginning of a year incorrectly.
  • smos-query: Fixed that smos-report would get timezone information wrong about timestamps in the same timezone but in summer time (in winter) or vice versa.
  • smos-query: Support for the following time periods:
    • Past/Coming week
    • Past/Coming month
    • Past/Coming year
  • smos-scheduler: Fixed a bug in which relative timestamps would be scheduled relative to the current UTC time instead of the current local time.
  • smos-scheduler: Fixed a bug in which items scheduled into the future would have future timestamps in their entries' todo state history and could therefore not have their todo state changed until then.
  • smos-scheduler: Changed that scheduling rent-recurrence would happen in UTC time instead of in local time.
  • All binaries: Changed the --help text to always show global options, even when a command has already been supplied.
  • smos-archive: Changed the default log level from Warn to Info.
  • smos-server: Changed the default log level from Warn to Info.
  • smos-sync-client: Changed the default log level from Warn to Info.
  • smos-web-server: Renamed --web-port to --port.
  • smos-single: No longer parses directory settings that it doesn't use.
  • smos: Upgraded to brick-1.6, which should come with significant performance improvements.