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Changelog for release 2022-06-09

The changelog for the 2022-06-09 release of all of the Smos tools and libraries


  • The local backup now uses shell-scripting-friendlier filenames. For example; 2022-06-05_224543 instead of 2022-06-05_22:45:43.

  • Fixed a bug where the projects report reported done entries as the current entry. Thank you @CSVdB!


  • smos-server: Removed the "backup interval" feature. Backups are now made every time the backup looper runs, instead of only if the "backup interval" has expired. This means that the backup looper's period has effectively become the backup interval.
  • smos-server: Removed the server "max backups per user" feature. The maximum number of backups per user per period is now the default way to configure backup deletion. Configuring the maximum number of backups per user over all periods is no longer possible.