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Changelog for release 2021-06-26

The changelog for the 2021-06-26 release of all of the Smos tools and libraries


  • smos-query: The entry and report reports now support multiple output formats: json, pretty-json, and yaml. This should allow for simpler integrations.

  • smos-scheduler: The next command to see when items will be activated next.


  • smos: Timestamps can now be deleted using the timestampsDelete and timestampsRemove actions.
  • smos-notify: smos-notify will no longer send a notification about timestamps that don't have a time component.
  • nixos-module.nix: The config attribute will now override other attributes.
  • smos-server: The server no longer migrates files periodically, but rather gives the administrator a button to do that instead.


  • smos-server: Removed the backup file migration looper. It went against the idea of backups.