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Changelog for release 2021-05-24

The changelog for the 2021-05-24 release of all of the Smos tools and libraries

  • smos-server: Now supports logging, and some logging has already been added as well.
  • smos: The convCopyContentsToClipboard action to copy the selected entry's contents to the system clipboard. This fixes issue 205. Thank you @distefam!
  • smos-web-server: An account overview page, including a button to delete your account.
  • smos-calendar-import: The rendered smos entries now all contain the description of the event as contents, instead of only the top-level event.
  • smos-notify: You can now put the magic string SMOS_NO_NOTIFY into event descriptions to have smos-notify ignore the event entirely.
  • smos-sync-client: Now sends the username of the user and the hostname of the device that makes the requests in the Referer header of every request. This information is only used for logging.
  • smos-web-server: Now requires a WEB_URL to be configured and sends it over in the Referer header of every request to the API.
  • smos: Fixed that the file browser filter was shown in an empty file browser as well.
  • smos-query: Added a header to each of the columns in the waiting report.
  • smos and smos-query: Made the filepaths not as prominent, visually.
  • smos and smos-query: Made report formatting more consistent
  • smos: No longer shows the .smos extension for every stuck project in the stuck projects report.
  • smos and smos-query: Allow thresholds for the waiting, stuck and work reports to be configured as more general time strings.
  • smos and smos-query: Added the waiting_threshold to allow for a custom per-entry waiting threshold.
  • smos: Fixed that the filter bar wasn't shown in the interactive work report. This fixes issue 206. Thank you @vidocco!
  • smos-server: Made the backup interval configurable
  • smos-github: Fixed that only pull requests would be listed but not issues.