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Changelog for release 2021-05-04

The changelog for the 2021-05-04 release of all of the Smos tools and libraries

  • smos-query: You can now configure colours more specifically: The 8 standard terminal colours and 24bit colours.
  • smos and smos-query: More strings are now recognised as durations: 5sec, 6 min, 7 hours, etc... This fixes Issue 104. See PR 195 for more details. Thank you @ketzacoatl!
  • smos-sync-client: Now sends the User-Agent header with smos-sync-client-<version>.
  • smos-web-server: Now sends the User-Agent header with smos-web-server-<version>.
  • smos-sync-client: Retry authenticating (once) if authentication fails. This should prevent users from having to remove the .cache/smos/sync-session.dat cache file when authentication fails because in the way authentication works.
  • smos-sync-client: More descriptive error messages if login fails.
  • smos-sync-client: Use the logger for warnings, so you can now ignore them by setting the log level higher than LevelWarn.
  • smos-client: A bit of a nicer error message when something goes wrong during the client's api-version check.
  • smos-sync-client: Use a separate lock file from the database file itself to lock the database. This prevents a SQLITE_BUSY infinite retry problem. See Issue 202 and PR 203. Thank you @jhbertra!
  • smos-query: Fixed that smos-query was not taking into account certain configurations for the work, waiting and stuck reports. This fixes Issue 201. Thank you @vidocco!
  • smos-query: Ripped out the functionality where you could configure smos-query in haskell. This functionality was complex and has already caused multiple bugs. It turns out that there is no need for this functionality because you can configure everything in smos-query with the different ways of option parsing. This is unlike smos where configuring it in Haskell is actually useful because you can define your own actions to key-bind. This change does not affect users that don't use smos-query as a library.