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Changelog for release 2021-03-13

The changelog for the 2021-03-13 release of all of the Smos tools and libraries

  • smos-query: The 'timestamp' projection. You can now use timestamp:DEADLINE as a column in your reports.
  • smos: Interactive agenda report with filter bar
  • smos: Filter bar for the interactive waiting report
  • smos: You can now exit any report using Esc, even when no file had been selected beforehand. Thank you @ketzacoatl!
  • smos: Interactive stuck projects report
  • smos: Filter bar for the built-in file browser
  • smos: The forestToggleCollapseEntryProperties action, bound to zp by default.
  • All commands: Autocompletion for the --config-file and --workflow-dir options.
  • smos: The propertiesEditProperty_goal action, bound to pg by default.
  • smos: Non-colour-based indicators of selection, for screens without colour or colour-blind users.
  • smos-query: All reports are now bicoloured by default. This can be configured via the configuration file.
  • smos-web-server: A fancy home page instead of just a login button.
  • smos-data: Allow spaces and parens in property values. Note that this means that smos files created in this new version of smos are potentially not backward compatible.
  • smos-scheduler: Explicitly setting a header's state to null now leaves the generated state as null instead of setting it to TODO. Thank you @prikhi!
  • smos-query: Moved the work report warnings to above the deadlines so that they are more in line with the order in which you should read the report.
  • smos-query and smos-report: Moved all the static configuration of the work report out of smos-query into smos-report so that smos can access it for the interactive work report.
  • smos: Hide properties of done entries on startup.
  • smos: The waiting report is now drawn with the configured threshold, instead of always with threshold 7.