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Changelog for release 2021-02-01

The changelog for the 2021-02-01 release of all of the Smos tools and libraries

  • smos: The browserSelectFirst and browserSelectLast actions, which are activated by gg and G respectively by default.
  • smos: The convArchiveFile function, activated by <space>fa by default. You can use it to archive a file while looking at the file.
  • Nixos module tests for home-manager configurations. The home manager module is now an official deliverable.
  • smos-archive: The timestamp appended to the filename during archiving now includes the local time of day instead of only the day.
  • smos: The contents of an entry are now aligned with its state and header instead of with its list indicator.
  • smos: Fixed a grammatical error in the description of the entrySelectTagsFromBack action.
  • smos: Fixed incorrect logic with respect to displaying an ellipsis when parts of an entry were collapsed and selected.
  • smos: Drastically reduced the idle CPU/memory usage by turning off idle GC.
  • smos: Changed the lister character - to a space for a cleaner UI.
  • smos-query: Fixed that check violations would not show up in the work report if the user had not configured any contexts.
  • Converted all test suites to using Sydtest and fixed three sources of flakiness as a result.