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Changelog for release 2020-11-04

The changelog for the 2020-11-04 release of all of the Smos tools and libraries

  • Static builds for all executables
  • smos-query: Make AllTime the default period and OneBlock the default block for the agenda command instead of 'Today'. See the Note [Agenda command defaults] in the code for more info. The default block now also changes per period. For year-based periods the default block will by month, for month-based periods the block will be by week, for week-based persiods the default block will be by day.
  • smos-query: The agenda report now shows the "Now" line in the right place at night. #164. Thank you @jecaro!
  • smos: When selecting a timestamp, smos now correctly selects the value instead of the name. #170 Thank you @jecaro!
  • smos-asciinema: This package has been entirely removed and split out to a separate project