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Standard arguments to smos-query commands

Documentation about the standard arguments that you can pass to multiple of the smos-query commands


Filters allow you to select which entries are shown. A filter is something of the following form:

tag:<tag>                                          -- tag:online
state:<state>                                      -- state:TODO
file:<file>                                        -- file:my-client.smos
level:<level>                                      -- level:5
header:<header>                                    -- header:find
property:<property-name>                           -- property:effort
property:<property-name>:<property-value>          -- property:effort:high
property:<property-name>:time:<comparison>:<time>  -- property:timewindow:time:lt:2h
parent:<filter>                                    -- parent:tag:work
ancestor:<filter>                                  -- ancestor:state:DONE
child:<filter>                                     -- child:tag:work
legacy:<filter>                                    -- legacy:state:DONE
not:<filter>                                       -- not:tag:work
(<filter> and <filter>)                            -- (tag:work and state:NEXT)
(<filter> or <filter>)                             -- (level:0 or state:DONE)


Sorters allow you to select in which order the entries are shown. A sorter is something of the following form:

property:<property-name>          -- property:effort
property-as-time:<property-name>  -- property-as-time:timewindow
reverse:<sorter>                  -- reverse:file
(<sorter> then <sorter>)          -- file then property:effort

Projections (Columns)

Projections allow you to select which aspects of the entries are shown. They usually represent the columns in a report. A projection is something of the following form:

tag:<tag-name>                    -- tag:toast
property:<property-name>          -- property:effort
timestamp:<timestamp-name>        -- timestamp:DEADLINE
ancestor:<projection>             -- ancestor:tag:toast



Invalid argument `standard-arguments'

Usage: smos-query COMMAND [--config-file FILEPATH] [--workflow-dir FILEPATH] 
                  [--archive-dir FILEPATH] [--projects-dir FILEPATH] 
                  [--archived-projects-dir FILEPATH]
  Smos Query Tool version: 0.6.0
  Oldest parseable Smos data format version: 0.0.0
  Newest parseable Smos data format version: 1.0.0

Available options:
  -h,--help                Show this help text
  --config-file FILEPATH   The config file to use
  --workflow-dir FILEPATH  The workflow directory to use
  --archive-dir FILEPATH   The archive directory to use
  --projects-dir FILEPATH  The projects directory to use
  --archived-projects-dir FILEPATH
                           The archived projects directory to use

Available commands:
  entry                    Select entries based on a given filter
  report                   Run preconfigured reports
  work                     Show the work overview
  waiting                  Print the "WAITING" tasks
  next                     Print the next actions
  clock                    Print the clock table
  agenda                   Print the agenda
  projects                 Print the projects overview
  stuck                    Print the stuck projects overview
  log                      Print a log of what has happened.
  stats                    Print the stats actions and warn if a file does not
                           have one.
  tags                     Print all the tags that are in use


This command does not use any extra environment variables.


This command admits no extra configuration.