Using smos-query

The smos editor comes with some handy companion tools. smos-query is one of those and it is a query tool for your .smos files.

File structure

The smos-query tool operates in what is called the workflow directory. This is ~/workflow by default, but can be overridden using a flag, an environment variable or in a configuration file.

The smos-query tool will only consider the contents of the workflow directory for its functionality.

Entry: generic querying

The first command to consider is the entry command. It allows you to run a filter over all of your entries.

smos-query entry [FILTER]

A filter is something of the following form:

tag:<tag>                -- tag:online
state:<state>            -- state:TODO
file:<file>              -- file:my-client.smos
level:<level>            -- level:5
parent:<filter>          -- parent:tag:work
ancestor:<filter>        -- ancestor:state:DONE
not:<filter>             -- not:tag:work
(<filter> and <filter>)  -- (tag:work and state:NEXT)
(<filter> or <filter>)   -- (level:0 or state:DONE)


The first important command to know about is the agenda report:

smos-query agenda [FILTER]

This report shows timestamps for entries that are not market as done yet.

Next action report

The second important command is the next action report:

smos-query next [FILTER]

This report shows you your next actions


The projects report shows you an overview of all of your projects. These are the .smos files found in the projects directory of your workflow directory.

smos-query projects


The waiting report shows you all of the entries that you are waiting for input from others for.

smos-query waiting [FILTER]

Clock report

The clock report shows you an overview of the clocking that you have done for each entry in a nice forest-shaped overview.

smos-query clock [FILTER]


The log report shows you an overview of the changes that have happened in a given time period.

smos-query log [FILTER]


The stats report shows you an overview of some nice statistics about your workflow.

smos-query stats [FILTER]